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Girls Brigade

Name of CCA

Girls’ Brigade

Day held



2.30pm to 4,30pm


LSP Room

CCA teachers-in-charge

Ms Isabelle Gan

Ms Elaine Lew

Brief description of CCA

 The Girls' Brigade (GB) is an uniformed youth organisation in the world founded in 1893. It is recognised by the Ministry of Education as one of the eight uniformed youth groups. The Girls' Brigade is open to girls from all races, religions and nationalities as it is a CCA activity.

Our company is known as 107J Singapore Company. Our company highlights include our weekly parades which focus on character education, games, drills, badge work, outings and camps. We also have HQ events like the GB Friendship Day.

CCA-specific objectives

 Developing the girls to their fullest potential by equipping, empowering and enabling them to be leaders

Girls are to complete the Junior STAR Programme by end of Primary 6.