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STELLAR Activities

STELLAR stands for STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading. Through the use of authentic children’s literature, we aim to strengthen reading and language skills as well as instill a love of reading in the children. Over the course of the year, our pupils will be engaged in various language experiences which include outdoor learning and hands-on activities. Such multi-sensory experiences enable children to relate their classroom learning to real-life contexts, thereby strengthening their language learning.

Three cornerstones undergird the STELLAR framework. These are Shared Book Approach (for Reading), Modified Language Experience Approach (for Writing) and Learning Centres (for reinforcement or extension of Language Use through differentiated learning).

Shared Book Experience - The Hungry Giant



Our English teacher, Mrs Adrena Ong, reading out the book entitled The Hungry Giant to students of 1 Kindness.

Dramatization In The Classroom - Who Will Be My Mother? 

Who Will Be My Mother 1.JPG

The students had fun role-playing characters from the book entitled Who Will Be My Mother?


MLEA (Modified Language Experience Activity)