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Every Westwood pupil is to be a future-ready, anchor-steady Mathematical problem solver

Curricular Objectives

 The Mathematics Department seeks to enable students to

  • acquire the necessary Mathematical concepts and skills for everyday life;
  • make effective use of a variety of mathematical tools in the learning and application of the subject; and
  • develop positive attitudes as they learn to reason logically, communicate Mathematically and learn cooperatively and independently.

We believe that early success in Mathematics is crucial for developing interest and intrinsic motivation. We hope that pupils will have a strong foundation in Mathematics and steadily acquire higher-order mathematical skills in order to achieve excellence.


Mathematics Programme

Learner-Centered Environment in every classroom

  • Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Approach
  • Activity-Based  and Collaborative Learning through Learning Experience activities
  • Use of Cognitive Conceptual Approach in problem solving


Differentiated Support for every child

  • Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM)
  • Enrichment Programme
  • Remedial Programme

Experiential Learning For Effective Engagement

  • Math Trail

Holistic Assessment practices and strategies

  • Math Journals
  • Assessment (MCQ/ short-structured/ word problems)

Mathematics Committee

Ms Seow Wei Lin

Mr Khoo Rong Huang

Ms Lai Yongxian Elaine

Ms Jasmine Teo

Mdm Han Yu Chin

Mdm Azimah

Mrs Tan Phui Lea

Ms Ngiam Wee Heng

Ms Sophia Tan

Ms Adeline Wong

Mdm Catherine Koh

Ms Rosa Cho

Mrs Agnes Seah

Ms Saraswathi

Mdm Suhaila