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Parent Support Group

PSG Bonding Session

   Westwood Primary's Parent Support Group (PSG) had a fabulous time bonding over prata-making last Saturday, 30 May, at Kampong Cafe.

  Members of the PSG brought along their spouses and children for this bonding session as it's great for families to kick off the school holidays by spending time together. 

  Adults and children alike had fun flipping pratas, "pulling" teh-tarik and at the end of the session, had a better understanding of the origins of roti prata and how it became a highly popular local dish today. The PSG also celebrated their 1st year anniversary that day, with a formal presentation of the PSG handbook and the PSG token to all members. 

PSG In Action @ MOE Parent Outreach Seminar

   On 5th July 2013, our PSG participated in MOE Parent Outreach Seminar on a Saturday morning. Held in our homeground, 2 of them are supportive enough and went to the extent of dressing up as clowns to entertain visitors whocame by to attend the event. Here's some shots of them in action. Click here to view more.


Letter Of Appreciation