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Mission Statement

  The WWPS Parent Support Group (PSG) strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for the WWPS family.  
   We embrace the school’s vision statement and work collectively, and in partnership with the school, to support the school’s endeavours.  
   We envision  to develop a caring and encouraging environment for all  students of WWPS,  collaborate with the stakeholders to support the learning and  development outcomes of  our flourishing pupils,  so that they will have a heart of gratitude ,  a resilient mind-set, a  future-ready confidence, and  a passion for the  community.   

 The WWPS PSG aims to:
 · Establish a close partnership with the school in supporting its programmes and enhance student learning and school experiences.
 · Provide a platform for parents to build genuine friendship and provide opportunities for meaningful collaboration
 · Provide a platform for parents to share parenting skills and experiences.
 · Initiate and implement programmes that enhance parenting skills
 · Initiate and implement programmes that promote student well-being
 · Uphold the image and interest of the school

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