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Infocomm Technology (Computing)

Brief Description of CCA

Infocomm Technology (Computing) pupils are given opportunities to explore, learn and work on projects using the ICT skills taught during the CCA session. On top of that, pupils will also act as student ambassadors of Cyber Wellness, advocating safe and responsible use of the Internet.

CCA Objectives

Infocomm Technology pupils will:

  • experience simple animation through the use of Scratch and basic video editing skills.
  • apply the multimedia skills that they have acquired to work on projects.
  • brainstorm creative ideas so as to become confident presenters who can lead student community in the area of Cyber Wellness.
  • experience the elements of art in photography & photography composition rules.

CCA Teachers-in-charge

Mr Ng Zhili Gerard-Christian
Ms Dawn Sia Pei Fen
Ms Thachayani Putaran


ICT Lab 2 & 3