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Boys Brigade

Name of CCA

Boys’ Brigade

Day held



2 pm to 4 pm


3G Classroom / Math Room

CCA teachers-in-charge

Mr Devaraj s/o Nambirajan
Mr Ng Kai Zhe Alan

Brief description of CCA

The Boys' Brigade (BB) is a uniformed youth organisation and is recognised by the Ministry of Education as one of the eight uniformed youth groups. This CCA is open to all races, religions and nationalities as a CCA activity. Our highlights include our weekly parades which focus on character education, games, drills, badge work, learning journey and camps. We also have BB HQ events like the BB Week, etc.

CCA-specific objectives

We aim to guide and instill discipline in boys, facilitating the development of various life skills and competencies, thereby contributing to the character development of the boys. We want them to have a healthy boyhood and hope that every boy will benefit from the BB programme.

Boys Brigade Photo 3.jpgThe boys training for their Character & Adventure quest.
Boys Brigade Photo 2.jpg
The Character building lessons which contributing to the character development of the boys.
Boys Brigade Photo 1.jpg
Our Boys' Brigade (BB), 107J Company, has achieved the Silver Award for the J M Fraser Award for Excellence.
Boys Brigade Photo 4.jpgThe boys learning to make appreciation cards.
Boys Brigade Photo 5.pngBoys designing their own tote bag to promote environmental sustainability. Boys Brigade Photo 6.jpg
Boys Brigade Photo 7.jpg