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Tamil Language

Tamil Language Activities

                 ·         Structured Reading Programme every Friday

                 ·         Mother Tongue Book Reading Days (Wednesday, Thursday)

                 ·         Outdoor Education in Learning (OEL)

                 ·         Deepavali celebration and recess activities

                 ·         Mother Tongue Fortnight activities (Kolam drawing and Rangoli colouring)

                 ·         Internal/External competitions

ICT in Tamil Language

·         Mconline portal

·         Theen Tamil Website

·         Touch Typing in Tamil

·         iMTL

Quick Links

Website and Brief Description


Mconline portal


-An e-learning platform that makes learning fun through the use of technology



Theen Thamizh Website


-A MOE based website which contains songs, animated stories, games, and doodle board which allows students to revise what they have learnt during lessons.



Touch Typing in Tamil


-A website that allows students to practise typing the Tamil letters and words that they have already learnt





-A portal which provides an interactive platform for both students and teachers