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Journey Towards Positive Education

As a new school which was set up at the start of 2013, Westwood Primary aspires to deliver exceptional education in the 21st century to raise a generation of children with deep anchors of character, to flourish and thrive, with their hands to the nation, hearts to the community, and eyes for the future. Beyond excellence, we seek to design and provide lessons for life, so as to prepare the next generation of children to be future-ready, anchor-steady. We have embarked on a discovery journey on Positive Education to guide us in developing school-wide teacher belief and learning-teaching practices, designing our curriculum as well as shaping our school culture and overall strategic directions. Key areas of focus within Westwood’s THRIVE Model for Positive Education include nurturing and sustaining positive relationships, promoting and prolonging positive emotion, fostering mindfulness and building resilience, enabling and encouraging the state of flow, cultivating a growth mindset, promoting a deeper understanding of one’s meaning and purpose, and increasing awareness of character strengths in self and others.

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A School Journey of Discovering Positive Education