Philosophy of CCAs

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are part of the Co-Curriculum offered in schools. The aim is to provide students with a holistic education which provides them with balanced development across the moral, cognitive, social-emotional, physical and aesthetic domains.

CCAs provide students with experiential learning opportunities through programmes planned with the pupils in the centre. Students are provided with varied and authentic opportunities to develop character, core values, social-emotional competencies and the emerging 21st Century Competencies.

With experiential learning as its main delivery mode, learning is flexible, less scripted but nonetheless purposeful. The quality of the learning process is key to achieving the learning outcomes.

At Westwood Primary, with Positive Education as our underlying philosophy, we seek to make CCAs opportunities for both action and reflection. Using our specially developed CCA Reflection Booklets, students are consistently guided to utilize their character strengths and develop resilience whether theyare serving the community, organising a school event as a student leader, or on the field of competition or the performing stage.


CCAs are classified into 4 CCA groups. The 4 CCA groups are:

1) Clubs & Societies

2) Performing Arts

3) Physical Sports & Games

4) Uniformed Groups

CCAs @ Westwood

The following CCAs are offered in WWPS:

Clubs & Societies

  • Art Club
  • English Literacy Club
  • Green Club
  • Innovation Guild

Performing Arts

  • Brass Band
  • Chinese Dance
  • Choir
  • International Dance
  • Malay Dance

Physical Sports & Games

  • Basketball (Boys)
  • Football (Boys & Girls)
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics (Girls)
  • Wushu (Boys & Girls)

Uniformed Groups

  • Boys' Brigade
  • Girls' Brigade

All CCAs are held on Wednesdays from 2 PM to 4 PM.