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Design and Innovation

Brief Description of CCA

Innovation Club aims to develop creative and innovative thinking skills in pupils. Innovation Club pupils are given hands-on opportunities to design, experiment and invent as they engage in STEAM and MAKER activities. They are also given opportunities to participate in events and activities at various platforms (both within and outside school) with their innovation such as Celebration of Positivity (Maker and Thrive Fiesta), Makerspace and also Destination Imagination Competition. 

CCA Objectives

Design and Innovation pupils will:

  • take an active interest in divergent thinking, and thinking out of the box
  • actively work on ideas and prototypes.
  • have fun learning about designing and the positive impact it can have on our environment and the benefits to our community.

CCA Teachers-in-charge

Ms Murshidah Bte Hassan
Ms Teo Shu Ting, Cheryl
Ms Tong Jin Yi


Makerspace, ICT lab 1, Science Lab 2