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English Language, Drama and Debating

Brief Description of CCA

English Language, Drama and Debating aims at fostering a love for the English Language through the wide spectrum of literary activities. Pupils will have a chance to put up Readers Theatre performances and skits for school wide events. These opportunities enable pupils to learn the skills of speaking, reading and presenting in a fun and engaging manner.

With the advent of technology, pupils will learn how to create e-books using ICT tools as well as basic voice recording using iPads.

The CCA will also be introducing a debate module that is suitable for children with no debate background. It aims to encourage critical thinking, foster effective communication and build teamwork.

CCA Objectives

Language Skills Suggested Activities
  • Speaking
  • Drama techniques
  • Readers’ Theatre
  • Debates
  • Skits
  • Reading and Writing
  • Book Club
  • Creating and designing e-books
  • Designing e-bookmarks
Outdoor Experiential Activities and Service to
  • Community
  • Watching dramas and plays
  • Participating in literary competitions
  • Storytelling to MOE Kindergarten children

CCA Teachers-in-charge

Ms Siti Aisyah Binte Mohamed Yazid 
Ms Winnie Teng 
Ms Isabelle Gan
Ms Jurveen Kaur Randhawa 
Ms Noor Amirah Binte Azman


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