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Art Club

Brief Description of CCA

Art is an expression of our thoughts and emotions, but it is even more than that: it's about sharing the way we experience the world through various art mediums and techniques.

In Westwood Primary Art Club, pupils get to explore and grow beyond the boundaries of curriculum, shaping each and every pupil into holistic individuals. Opportunities are afforded to pupils to share their learnt techniques by contributing within school and also to the wider community via various outreach projects.

CCA Objectives

Art and Crafts Club pupils will:
  • have many opportunities to explore and experiment with different art mediums and art forms.
  • learn to create artwork with clear intention.
  • learn and practice basic communication and social skills through groupworks and community projects
  • build confidence through participating in various competitions.

CCA Teachers-in-charge

Mr Dexter Sim
Mrs Goh Han Jin
Ms Claire Lu
Ms Wong Sheang Yun


Art Rooms