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Chinese Dance

Brief description of CCA

Chinese Dance is segmented into the traditional and modern approaches. However, there has been a greater overlapping between the two in recent years. Pupils will learn fundamental movements and will be developed in their agility, nimbleness and flexibility. Chinese Dance also introduces pupils to the elegance and beauty of Chinese culture. Through the language of movement, pupils are introduced to the richness of China’s long history and complex heritage. Their training repertoire also exposes them to different movements like martial arts, acrobatics and stylized theatrical movements. Dance techniques typically include work with props such as handkerchiefs, ribbons and fans.

CCA Objectives

Chinese Dance Pupils will be able to learn the following skills through practice sessions:

  • good hand and eye coordination
  • use of circular patterns in space with every part of the body
  • use of props
  • stylized steps and gestures
  • unique emphasis on movement accents in relation to the music

CCA teachers-in-charge

Mdm Wei Junying
Ms Tan Sze Yi
Ms Yap Hui Tee