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Malay Dance

Brief Description of CCA

The Malay Dance CCA was set up in July 2014 to introduce pupils to the art of Malay traditional dance. Through the CCA programme, pupils will learn to appreciate the different types and history of Malay traditional dance. Pupils will then work collaboratively with their fellow dancers to put up performances during special events in and beyond school. Pupils will also be exposed to competitions locally such as Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and globally.

CCA Objectives

Malay Dance pupils will be:
  • introduced to more varieties of Malay dance steps and techniques
  • introduced to the heritage of Malay dance and the history behind it
  • trained to put up performances and benchmark themselves through exposure and competitions

CCA teachers-in-charge

Cikgu Khaizuran
Cikgu Siti Kalsom
Cikgu Suriati Djuahir
Mdm Nora


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