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Applied Learning Programme

Curricular Objectives

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The Westwood Primary Positive Design Applied Learning Programme seeks to develop pupils’ critical and inventive thinking, as well as social awareness as they create designs that value-add to their communities. 

Overview of Positive Design Applied Learning Programme

P1 & P2

Designing for Happiness

  • Create toys for collaborative play
  • Develop connections and build trust with peers and  teachers
  • Adopt a joyful attitude towards school-life

P3 & P4

Designing for All

  • Create alternative equipment or pathways that would allow all community members to be engaged
  • Respond to differing needs of society

P5 & P6

Designing for Impact

  • Design a product or programme aimed to encourage a particular virtuous behaviour
  • Understand the need to value long-term gains over short-term enjoyment, as well as the notion of sustainability.


P3 to P5 Project Work


  • Create an infographic poster to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to animals.


  • Create a product that help meet the need and improve the lives of a targeted group of people in our community.


  • Design and create a product that help meet the need and improve the lives of a targeted group of people in our community



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Maker Education@Westwood

Maker Education encourages independence and creative problem solving, and an authentic preparation for the real world through simulating real-world challenges. In Westwood, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is used for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. 


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Maker Fiesta

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ALP & Maker Education Team

Mdm Jennifer Long (HOD Science)

Ms Cheryl Teo (SH/ Project Work & Maker Education)

Ms Hazel Chan

Ms Elaine Lew 

Ms Gan Seow Ling

Mdm Goh Ho Laye

Ms Tong Jin Yi

Ms Adeline Wong 

Ms Preetha

Ms Shang Ming Zhu

Mdm Yang Xiaoqing

Ms Katherine Chua (FAJT)

Ms Jayaraman Chitra (FAJT)