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English Literacy Club

Name of CCA
English Literacy Club
Day held
2.30 pm to 4.30pm
Library (Book-tique)
CCA teachers-in-charge
Ms Jurveen
Mdm Suhaila
Mrs Winnie Teng
Ms Joycelyn Ferdinand
Ms Eliza
Brief description of CCA
The English Literacy Club (ELC) aims at fostering a love for the English Language through the wide spectrum of literary activities available.
Pupils will have a chance to be exposed to the various language skills of speaking, reading and writing in a fun and engaging manner.
CCA-specific objectives
(please see below)



Language Skills
Suggested Activities
§  Drama techniques
§  Playwriting
§  Readers’ Theatre
§  Quizzes
§  Debates
§  Improvisation
§  Charades
Reading and Writing
§  Book Club
§  Design book jackets
§  Participate in screenings of films based on various books and being a Film Critic
Outdoor Experiential
Activities and Service to
§  Visiting book fairs and libraries
§  Watching dramas and plays
§  Volunteering at the National Library
§  Participating in literary competitions
§  Taking part in NAC events
§  Taking part in book Donation Drives
§  Storytelling to Kindergarten children