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Green Club

Name of CCA
Green Club
Day held
2.30 p.m.  – 4.30 p.m.
Teaching Lab
CCA teachers-in-charge

Mrs Naseema Ansar

Mrs Enda Wendy Chan

Mdm Ralleeah

Ms Tong Jin Yi

Ms Wong Sheang Yun

Ms Cheryl Ho

Brief description of CCA
Members of the CCA participate in events and activities at various platforms (both within and outside school) for promoting green issues, such as, Greenwave Environmental Care Competitions, South-west CDC Green Schools, Schools Green Awards.
Members are also given opportunities to transform recycled materials to useful products through upcycling. They will be trained to share their learning as well as environmental care issues to the school through talks and activities.
CCA-specific objectives
Pupils will 
§  Play an active role in sharing about environmental issues;
§  Learn to work as a team to solve problems and organise actions for environmental causes
§  Have fun learning about nature and the environment.