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Character & Citizenship Education




Character and Citizenship Programmes

Building Teacher-Student Relationship and Student-Student Relationship


·         Interactions during Form Teacher Guidance Periods

·         PRe-Assembly Moments (PRAM) by teachers and pupils

·         Weekly What Went Well Moments

·         Positive Moments Journals

·         Gratitude Cards and Letters

·         THRIVE Fiesta

·         Buddy Programme (P1 and P4, P2 and P5)


Values-In Action Project Experiences


·         P1 & P4 Buddy Clean Programme

·         P2 Visit to Senior Activity Centres

·         P3 Donation Drive for Singapore Children’s Society

·         P5 Donation Drive for Needy Families

·         Support Staff Appreciation Day



Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons in Mother Tongue

·         Engaging activities and lessons on core values, knowledge and skills during CCE (MT) lessons


National Education

·         Learning Journeys aligned to Social Studies themes and National Education

·         NE Ambassadors Programme and training (P3 to P6)

·         Commemoration of NE Events (Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day)

Learning for Life Programme @ Westwood Primary

Our Focus: Inspiring Student Leadership and Community Service through Positive Education


Student Leadership and Community Service Focus

Programmes & Platforms

Positive Education Focus & Strategies

Lower Primary

Leading in my class & Caring for my community

  • Class Leadership Roles for all
  • Pre-Assembly Moments (PRAM)
  • Programme for Active Learning (PAL) to build Social & Emotional Learning competencies
  • THRIVE Fiesta through CCE Experiences
  • Values-In-Action Programme focused on Honouring our Families and the Elderly in the community



Positive Relationships, Positive Emotions

  • Establishing a Culture of Trust in the classroom
  • Facilitating Pupils’ Self-Management Skills such as using the “Stop-Think-Do” model
  • Providing opportunities for pupils to reflect on their week through “What Went Well”

Middle Primary

Leading in my school & Contributing to my community

  • Junior Prefect Roles
  • CCA Junior Leader Roles
  • House Junior Captain Roles
  • Cyberwellness Ambassadors Roles
  • Presentation opportunities at Pre-Assembly Moments (PRAM)
  • Student Voices at THRIVE Fiesta
  • Values-In-Action Programme focused on caring for the environment and helping the less privileged



Positive Engagement, Positive Health

  • Prompting pupils’ ownership of learning through pupil-initiated projects
  • Self-directed learning opportunities through project work
  • Developing pupils’ resilience with a  range of challenges and opportunities, as well as a means to reflect upon and processing setbacks

Upper Primary

Leading beyond my school & Making a Difference in my community

  • Senior Prefect Roles with mentoring of junior prefects
  • CCA Senior Leader Roles
  • House Captain Roles
  • Cyberwellness Ambassadors Roles
  • Presentation opportunities at Pre-Assembly Moments (PRAM)
  • Student Booths at THRIVE Fiesta
  • Values-In-Action Programme focused on student-led community involvement projects
  • Hosting opportunities during school and cluster events
  • Representing the school in zonal, national and international events or competitions



Positive Purpose,

Positive  Accomplishment

  • Encouraging pupils to contribute to their communities by leveraging their unique talents and skills
  • Nurturing pupils to be compassionate leaders who are able to impart their knowledge and skills to others