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Character & Citizenship Education

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Character and Citizenship Programmes

Building Teacher-Student Relationship and Student-Student Relationship

·         Interactions during Form Teacher Guidance Periods

·         PRe-Assembly Moments (PRAM) by teachers and pupils

·         Weekly What Went Well Moments

·         Positive Moments Journals

·         Gratitude Cards and Letters

·         THRIVE Fiesta

·         Buddy Programme (P1 and P4, P2 and P5)

Values-In Action Project Experiences

·         P1 & P4 Buddy Clean Programme

·         P2 Visit to Senior Activity Centres

·         P3 Donation Drive for Singapore Children’s Society

·         P5 Donation Drive for Needy Families

·         Support Staff Appreciation Day

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons in Mother Tongue

·        Engaging activities and lessons on core values, knowledge and skills during CCE (MT) lessons

National Education

·         Learning Journeys aligned to Social Studies themes and National Education

·         NE Ambassadors Programme and training (P3 to P6)

·         Commemoration of NE Events (Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day)

Learning for Life Programme @ Westwood Primary

Our Focus: Inspiring Student Leadership and Community Service through Positive Education

Student Leadership and Community Service Focus Programmes & Platforms Positive Education Focus & Strategies
Lower Primary Leading in my class & Caring for my community
  • Class Leadership Roles for all
  • Pre-Assembly Moments (PRAM)
  • Programme for Active Learning (PAL) to build Social & Emotional Learning competencies
  • THRIVE Fiesta through CCE Experiences
  • Values-In-Action Programme focused on Honouring our Families and the Elderly in the community
Positive Relationships, Positive Emotions
  • Establishing a Culture of Trust in the classroom
  • Facilitating Pupils’ Self-Management Skills such as using the “Stop-Think-Do” model
  • Providing opportunities for pupils to reflect on their week through “What Went Well”
Middle Primary Leading in my school & Contributing to my community
  • Junior Prefect Roles
  • CCA Junior Leader Roles
  • House Junior Captain Roles
  • Cyberwellness Ambassadors Roles
  • Presentation opportunities at Pre-Assembly Moments (PRAM)
  • Student Voices at THRIVE Fiesta
  • Values-In-Action Programme focused on caring for the environment and helping the less privileged
Positive Engagement, Positive Health
  • Prompting pupils’ ownership of learning through pupil-initiated projects
  • Self-directed learning opportunities through project work
  • Developing pupils’ resilience with a range of challenges and opportunities, as well as a means to reflect upon and processing setbacks
Upper Primary

Leading beyond my school & Making a Difference in my community
  • Senior Prefect Roles with mentoring of junior prefects
  • CCA Senior Leader Roles
  • House Captain Roles
  • Cyberwellness Ambassadors Roles
  • Presentation opportunities at Pre-Assembly Moments (PRAM)
  • Student Booths at THRIVE Fiesta
  • Values-In-Action Programme focused on student-led community involvement projects
  • Hosting opportunities during school and cluster events
  • Representing the school in zonal, national and international events or competitions
Positive Purpose,

Positive  Accomplishment

  • Encouraging pupils to contribute to their communities by leveraging their unique talents and skills
  • Nurturing pupils to be compassionate leaders who are able to impart their knowledge and skills to others

Student Development & LLP

HOD CCE : Mrs Tan Phui Lea
Year Head (Upper Primary) & Positive Education : Ms Sophia Tan
Year Head (Middle Primary) & Pupil Management : Mr Premnath s/o Chandran

Pupil Management & Leadership

Pupil Management

Mr Jonathan Chng

Mr Loh Chee Wei

Mr Mohamed Rafik

Discipline Duties & CCA Leadership

Mr Mohamed Ridhwan

Mr Ariel Chow

Ms Shen Rong

Ms Lu Bao Zhu

Mdm Han Jin
Prefectorial Board

Ms Ng Ley Huey

Mr Alan Ng

Ms Liu Haixin

Mr Tan Shiwei

Ms Nora Isnin

Ms Melissa Ngiam

Character & Citizenship Education

Positive Education Teams

CCE MT/ NE/ Current Affairs /VIA

Upper Primary 

Mdm Sophia Tan (YH)

Ms Eliza Tan (ECG Coordinator)

Ms Jurveen Kaur 

Ms Tan Sze Yi

Ms Fathimah Muzammilah

Middle Primary

Mr Premnath (YH)

Ms Joycelyn Agnes

Mdm Lim Shae Min

Ms Yao Anli

Ms Siti Aisyah

Miss Nasuha Idris

Lower Primary

Ms Sherine Yap (YH Covering)

Ms Jasmine Teo

Mdm Suhaila

Ms Cheryl Ho

Mdm Wei Junying
Ms Khaizuran (NE & Current Affairs Coordinator)

Ms Serene Ong

Ms Sandy Lee (CCE Coordinator)

Ms Koh Kah Neng

Ms Siti Juwani

Mdm Venkatachalam Alamu

Ms Saraswathi (VIA Coordinator)

Ms Syafiqah

Mdm Jamaliah (SS Coordinator)

Ms Janice Foo

Ms Nur Diyana