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First Row (top) from left:
Ms Yong Lee Min, Ms Jurveen Kaur, Ms Chong Yoke Ting, Mdm Ralleeah Naina Mohamed, Ms Janice Foo Mei Chien, Ms Siti Aisyah Binte Mohamed Yazid

Second Row (middle) from left:
Ms Isabelle Gan Chai Hong, Mrs Winnie Teng (Leong), Ms Nur Diyana Bte Zakariah, Ms Enda Wendy Chan, Ms Saranya D/O Asokan, Ms Noor Amirah Bte Azman

Third Row (bottom) from left:
Mr Premnath S/O Chandran, Mr Mohamed Rafik Osman Alkhatib, Mr Mohamed Ridhwan, Mr Ng Kai Zhe Alan, Ms Gan Seow Ling, Ms Sarah Chua Ai Tee

Curricular Objectives

English is the common language that facilitates bonding amongst the different ethnic and cultural groups in Singapore. At the global level, English allows Singaporeans to tap into a knowledge-based economy where English is the main lingua franca of the Internet, of Science and Technology and of World Trade.

The English Language Syllabus 2020 for the Primary level focuses on the development, reinforcement and extension of language skills in the primary years through an enjoyment of the language and the promotion of extensive reading; and leveraging oracy, reading and writing skills to develop knowledge and independent use of the language.
Following the EL Syllabus 2020, the Westwood EL Department seeks to develop these competencies in our learners through the teaching and learning of EL to enable them to be:
Given the importance of 21 st century competencies, our desired outcomes for our learners will also include opportunities to develop the following core values:
3.PNG At the end of their Primary School journey, all Westwoodians should be able to:
  • Listen to, read and view critically and with accuracy, understanding and appreciation, a wide array of literary and informational texts in standard English from print, non-print and digital networked sources
  • Speak, write and represent in standard English that is grammatical, fluent, intelligible and appropriate for different purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures
  • Use standard English grammar and vocabulary accurately and appropriately, and understand how speakers/writers put words together and use language to communicate meaning and achieve impact
  • Use English with impact, effect and affect

These are the various aspects of EL literacy:

  • Listening and Viewing
  • Reading and Viewing
  • Speaking and Representing
  • Writing and Representing
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

STELLAR 2.0 Framework

STELLAR Curriculum

Lower Primary

STELLAR 2.0 curriculum

Middle Primary

P3: STELLAR 2.0 curriculum

P4: STELLAR 1.0 curriculum

Upper Primary

STELLAR 1.0 curriculum

School-based Curriculum Lower Primary
Grammar and Vocabulary Packages

Middle Primary and Upper Primary
Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Writing, Synthesis & Transformation Packages
  • MRL Activities and library lessons
  • Pick and Tell Activities (P1 - P5)
  • Literature Programme (P3 - P4)
  • Vibrant Voice Programme (P3 - P5)
  • Little Red Dot (P5 - P6)
  • Reading Bugs Day

Differentiated Support for every child

  • Learning Support Programme (P1 - P2)
  • Reading Remediation Programme (P3 -P4)
  • School-based Dyslexia Remediation Programme (P3 - P4)
  • Vibrant Voices (P3-P6)
  • P6 Modular Supplementary (4 modules)
  • Reading Boost Activities (P4 & P5 remedials)
  • Reading Circles (P4)
  • Competitions (Internal & External)

Experiential Learning for Effective Engagement

  • Learning Journeys (P1 - P2)
  • Hope Classroom Experiential lessons (P1 & P2)
  • ICT-infused lessons

Holistic Assessment

  • Formative & Summative Assessments


STELLAR 2.0: Primary 1 and 2

stellar pri 1 and 2.png
Photo 6.jpeg
Photo 7.jpeg

STELLAR 2.0: Primary 3

stellar pri 3.png

STELLAR 1.0: Primary 4 to 6

stellar pri 4 to 6.png

Our Pupils' Work: The Creative Ink

‘The Creative Ink’ is an online compendium of wonderful writing pieces from our Westwoodians. This initiative aims to nurture budding writers in their creative expression and hone their critical thinking skills.

In this compilation, treat your senses to cleverly crafted acrostic and rhyming poems written by our lower and middle primary pupils. These poems are drawn from our pupils’ rich experiences and their close observations of the things around them.  As you read the upper primary writing pieces, listen closely to what they have to say about topics close to their hearts.  At Westwood, we believe that a writer exists in each of us. Through this platform, we are proud to showcase some of our flourishing writers’ works. As C.S Lewis aptly puts it, “Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things”. Our connoisseurs have dipped into their creative repository to pen down these pieces. We hope that this compendium will inspire Westwoodians to develop their passion for writing.   

Photo Highlights of our EL Reading Bug Day (Term 1 2022)

Pupils came in a costume based on their favourite book. They get to share the love for reading by doing a book-sharing with their peers in class.
Photo 1.jpeg Photo 2.jpeg Photo 3.jpeg
Photo 4.jpeg Photo 5.jpeg

English Language Committee 2022 

Ms Yong Lee Min (HOD EL)
Ms Jurveen Kaur (LH EL)
Ms Chong Yoke Ting (LSP Coordinator) (P1 Rep)
Mdm Ralleeah (P2 Rep)
Mrs Winnie Teng (P3 Rep)
Mr Alan Ng (P4 Rep)
Ms Janice Foo (P5 Rep)
Ms Isabelle Gan (P6 Rep)
Mdm Siti Aisyah
Mr Mohamed Ridhwan
Ms Nur Diyana
Mr Mohamed Rafik
Mr Premnath
Ms Enda Chan
Ms Saranya D/O Asokan
Ms Noor Amirah
Mdm Jamaliah
Ms Lin Shing Chi
Ms Gan Seowling
Ms Viroshini
Ms Sarah Chua 
Ms Gildabella