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Learning For Life Programme (Community Service & Student Leadership)

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First Row (top) from left:
Ms Wong Sheang Yun, Ms Shen Rong, Ms Siti Juwani, Ms Khaizuran Bte Supa'at, Mdm Venkatachalam Alamu, Ms Saraswahthi Pannirsilvam

Second Row (top) from left:
Ms Nurul Syafiqah Bte Anuar Khan, Ms Thachayani Putaran, Ms Sandy Lee Lay Kheng, Mdm Jamaliah Bte Sulaiman, Ms Nur Diyana Bte Zakariah, Ms Janice Foo Mei Chien, Ms Isabelle Gan Chai Hong, Ms Murshidah Bte Hassan

Curricular Objectives

Westwood Primary’s Learning for Life Programme, “Igniting Young Hearts with a Passion for the Community’, is a whole-school approach to character, citizenship and values education through community involvement and social action.

The curriculum design for the LLP in Westwood Primary is underpinned by Positive Education. The six aspects of Positive Education are:

  • Think Mindfully
  • Healthy Coping
  • Relating Well
  • In the Momen
  • Values-Driven Actions
  • Emotions of Positivity
These are infused in the programmes to guide pupils in strengthening their relationships with others, building positive emotions, enhancing personal resilience, and promoting a deeper understanding of one’s meaning and purpose.

The overall curriculum focus were divided into three key areas which are ‘Positive Emotions and Health’ for P1 and P2 which an emphasis on caring for our community, ‘Positive Relationship and Engagement’ for P3 and P4, with an emphasis on being responsible for our community and finally, ‘Positive Meaning and Accomplishments’ for P5 and P6 which highlights the need to not only reach out but also to make a difference in our community.

Our Learning for Life Programme’s goal is for the pupils to “lead responsible and fulfilled lives, and to contribute to the wider community”. The school has embarked on community projects to benefit various organizations, via an Action Learning approach. By serving others with compassion, pupils discover personal mastery, purpose and engagement, while supporting individual communities to flourish.
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