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Chinese Language

华文活动 Chinese Language Activities:

  • 阅读《新朋友》、《新天地》、《新列车》学生刊物 Subscription of student magazine 
  • 每周阅读日(每逢星期三、星期四)Mother Tongue Book Reading Day (Every Wednesday & Thursday)
  • 好书推荐 Recommended Chinese Storybooks
  • 学生自由创作 Creative Work/Writing
  • 阅读计划 Structured Reading Programme
  • 休息节语文活动 Recess Language Activities
  • 华文书展 Chinese Book Fairs
  • 文化随意门活动 Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme

ICT in Chinese Language:

  • Student Space Learning Portal
  • 知识网学习平台 e-Tutor Learning Portal
  • 电子词典 Using of e-dictionary

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