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Chinese Language

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华文活动Chinese Language Activities:

·         阅读《朋友》、《新天地》、《新列车》 Subscription of pupil newspapers

  ·       每周阅读日(星期三、星期四)Mother Tongue Book Reading Day (Wednesday & Thursday)

·         好书推荐 Recommended Chinese Storybooks

·         学生自由创作 Pupils’ Creative Work/Writing

·         阅读计划Structured Reading Programme

·         休息节语文活动Recess Language Activities

·         华文书展Chinese Book Fairs

·         文化随意门活动 CPES


ICT in Chinese Language:
§  汉神笔画学习Learning of how to write the strokes in Chinese Character by using HansVision software

§  汉字输入法Learning how to type Chinese characters in Microsoft Word

§  电子词典Using of e-dictionary

§  乐学善用互动平台iMTL portal

l§  网上学习管理系统平台Mconline portal

 §  题库电子作业E-Tutor online

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Website & Brief Description

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  • § It is a website that features multimedia content that complements the Primary Chinese curriculum.






  • § OracyeLand is an online interactive learning portal that is designed to equip P1 to P3 students with commonly used vocabulary and sentence patterns that they can use in their daily conversations with others.


Instructions for Activation of  CL toolbar

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中文有声图书 ChildRoad Chinese Digital Library