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Malay Language

Malay Language Activities

- Reading Clinic

- P3 Language Camp

- External Competitions

- Inter-Class Competitions

- P2 & P4 Learning Journeys

- Malay Language Book Fair

- Semestral Language Quiz

- Outdoor Experiential Learning

- Extensive Reading Programme

- Bulan Bahasa & Hari Raya Celebration

- P3 & P5 'Mari Membaca' Magazine subscription

- Mother Tongue Book Reading Day (Wednesday & Thursday)

 ICT In Malay Language

-  iMTL portal

-  MCOnline portal

-  Bicara Kata apps

-  Pintar Kata apps

- Tembok Kata apps

- Pintar Peribahasa apps

- Cerita Rakyat Nusantara apps 

Quick Links

Website & Brief Description

Website Link


The iMTL Portal provides an interactive platform that helps teachers and students for Mother Tongue Language (MTL) learning activities. The iMTL Portal will have different modules that are useful for the student to complete the MTL tasks needed for their language classes. 






e-Cekap website provides the teaching and learning resources that aligns with the new Cekap syllabus.


Nadi is an educational e-magazine featuring various articles and interactive materials aimed to increase public knowledge of the Malay language and culture.





Mconline is an e-learning platform that provides the means for students to excel by making schoolwork enjoyable and fun through the creative use of technology.