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Physical Education

PE Dept.jpgFirst Row (top) from left:
Mr Khairul Abdillah Bin Ismail, Mr Seet Wee Key, Mr Ng Zhili Gerard-Christian

Second Row (bottom) from left:
Mr Jonathan Chng Ching Chuang, Mr Chow Zhixian, Ariel, Mr Loh Chee Wei, Mr Idris Bin Abdul Rashid


Setting the foundation for healthy minds & bodies through active lifestyles

Curricular Objectives

Pupils will be able to:

  1. Develop the fundamental movements and manipulative skills to enjoy a variety of activities so as to encourage pupils to have a healthier and better life through the impactful experience of sports.

  2. Learn knowledge associated with food and nutrition and other health aspects like hygiene, eye-care and dental care.

  3. Cultivate a love for both indoor and outdoor activities and keep fit and healthy through regular exercise, while keeping themselves and others safe.

PE Curricuum @ Westwood

Physical Education (PE) for Lower Primary pupils focuses on mastery of fundamental motor skills such as locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills with application of movement concepts to develop efficiency, effectiveness and versatility in pupils’ performance.

Physical Education (PE) for Upper Primary pupils focuses on more complex combinations of discrete skills and sequences of movements. Pupils also get to join SwimSafer programme to learn about water safety and swimming skills.

Physical Health & Fitness (PHF) is explicitly taught via the Health Education (HE) journal, ‘An Active & Healthy Me’. It provides an insight of good health practices in exercise, safety and hygiene. It also encourages pupils’ interest in physical activity through meaningful experiential learning.

Play@Recess programmes ensure that pupils get opportunities every day to play, stretch and be active. Pupils can use this opportunities to strengthen their bond with their peers.

PAL @ Westwood

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) for lower primary pupils focuses on the teaching of soft skills and values in a fun and engaging manner, nurturing the 3Cs – Confidence, Curiosity and Cooperation skills in pupils. There are 4 domains to learn from each term: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Sports and Games and Outdoor Education.

Through holistic health education, teachers in Westwood Primary hope to bring out the best in every pupil for them to lead a meaningful and engaged life.

Physical Education Department Members

Mr Khairul Abdillah (HOD PE & CCA)
Mr Seet Wee Key (SH Physical Fitness & PAL, HE Coordinator)
Mr Ng Zhili Gerard-Christian
Mr Jonathan Chng
Mr Ariel Chow
Mr Loh Chee Wei
Mr Idris Abdul Rashid