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First Row (top) from left: 
Mdm Long Miaw Ying Jennifer, Mdm Naseema Beevi D/O Abd Rehim, Ms Hiew Litiang, Ms Ngiam Wei Ling, Melissa, Ms Dawn Sia Pei Fen

Second Row (middle) from left: 
Ms Fathimah Muzamillah, Ms Elaine Lew Yi Ling, Mdm Jane Kang Hui Chin, Ms Goh Ho Laye, Ms Katherine Chua Cheng Bee, Mrs Muthu

Third Row (bottom) from left: 
Mr Joel Ong Xuan You, Mr Macus Rouis Quek Weng Sung, Mr Tan Yeow Heng Ben

Learning Outcome

Every Westwood pupil will become an inquisitive learner through the acquisition of scientific knowledge and skills and show care and concern for the environment.

Curricular Objectives

The Science department seeks to prepare our students to be effective citizens with the ability to function and thrive in an increasingly technologically - driven world.  Central to the Science curriculum framework is the spirit of scientific inquiry. The Science curriculum seeks to nurture each student as an inquirer, fueling each child’s natural curiosity. 

In 2021/2022, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)  programs designed to help students gain skills required to succeed in the 21st-century have been introduced into the curriculum at different levels. These programmes incorporate a wide range of soft skills such as critical thinking, innovative problem-solving, team-work, adaptability, creativity, digital literacy, etc. 

Ultimately, we hope to develop pupils who  are innovative, enjoy Science and value scientific inquiry as an important tool to help them explore their natural and physical world.

Science Programme

Learner-Centered Environment in every classroom

  • Claim-Evidence-Reason approach
  • Activity-Based & Collaborative Learning
  • Application of Thinking Routines & Scientific Discourse
Differentiated Support for every child

  • P3-P5 Science Remedial Programme
  • Excellence in 2000 Science
Experiential Learning For Effective Engagement

  • Discover Science Trails@Westwood
  • Learning Journeys
    - P3 - River Wonders
    - P4 / P5 - Science Centre
    - P6 - Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

  • School-based level-wide programmes
    - P3 Plant a Seed Programme
    - P4 Greening for Sustainability Programme
    - P3 - P6 STEM Programme

Holistic Assessment

  • Performance Tasks (e.g. practical skills)
  • Group work
  • Mini Test (MCQ/ short-structured questions)
  • Semestral Assessments


Useful articles from Schoolbag:

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Greening for Sustainability


P4 STEM Programme


River Wonders


Science Committee

Mdm Jennifer Long (HOD Science)
Mrs Naseema Ansar (Lead Teacher Science)
Ms Elaine Lew
Ms Fathimah Muzammilah
Mr Joel Ong
Ms Goh Ho Laye
Mdm Jane Kang
Ms Dawn Sia
Ms Melissa Ngiam
Ms Hiew Li Tiang
Ms Katherine Chua 
Mrs Muthu 
Ms Heng Xi Yan Jean