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Student Leadership


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Curricular Objectives

The Westwood Primary Positive Learning for Life Programme seeks to develop our pupils to be Future-Ready and Anchor-Steady, demonstrating the attributes of a self-directed learner, confident person, concerned citizen and compassionate leader.


Since 2019, WWPS has redefined the vision of the core Student Leadership Team (Prefectorial Board), with an aim to develop each Prefect into a Peer Educator, Change Maker and Pupil Advocate:

1. Peer Educator – to educate our fellow Westwoodian to do the right things and lead them to have future ready confidence, heart of gratitude, resilient mind-set and a passion for community. We would want our Prefects to influence, inspire and impact their peers via their actions by being a Peer Educator.

2. Change Maker – to bring out positive changes to the school that will benefit the school environment that includes the pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff. We would our Prefects to be create a change in the school environment that would create a positive environment for all.

3. Pupil Advocate – to empower others to do the right things and to have the right values, to serve, to lead and to excel by being a role model.

We would want our Prefects to serve, lead and excel in their various capacities by being a good role model.

In addition to the above three core values required, WWPS has also aligned the criteria and development journey of a pupil leader to the school’s THRIVE Framework:

Thinking Mindfully
  • I set out to learn something new every day.
  • I know that with effort, I can improve.
Healthy Coping
  • I keep trying at all times.
  • I will continue to believe in others and myself even when we face setbacks.
Relating Well
  • I work well with others and appreciate the differences we have.
  • I can be trusted to do what I said I would do.
 In The Moment
  •  I reach my goals despite all challenges.
  • I am able to learn and adapt in every situation.
 Values-driven Action
  • I step forward to lead my friends with a gracious heart.
  • I lead and serve with my hearts.  

Prefects being the Apex of WWPS Pupil Leaders

Every year, WWPS holds a Prefects’ Investiture Ceremony at the beginning of Term 3 to appoint selected pupils in the school as Prefects. These newly-appointed Prefects have gone through on-the-job training for two terms and have been selected by their previous and current year Form Teachers, Subject Teachers and the core Student Leadership Team (Prefectorial Board) for exemplifying and role-modelling the following values:

  • Good Conduct 
  • Character Strengths
  • Community Involvement       
  • Responsibility 
  • Integrity 
  • Leadership Quality
The school’s Prefectorial Board’s Structure comprises these different levels:
Level 1: Acting Prefects 
Level 2: Junior Prefects (P3)
Level 3: Prefects (P4)
Level 4: Senior Prefects (P5 & P6)
Pic 5_Head Prefect.PNG Pic 6_Assist Head Prefect.PNG
   Pic 1_P5 Exco Team.PNG
Pic 4_Speech by Head Prefect.jpg
Speech by Head Prefect
Pic 3_Prefects in action in spreading kindness.jfif.jpg
Prefects in action in spreading kindness
Pic 2_ Student Leaders' Investiture 2022.jpg
Student Leaders' Investiture
Prefects having their leadership training.

From 2021 onwards, the Student Leadership Structure has been re-defined to include the CCA Leaders and the Student Peer Supporters.

Overview of Personal Leadership Journey of a WWPS Pupil 
Opportunities & Pathway for Personal Leadership of a Westwood Pupil:
P1 to P6:
Flow 1.pngFlow 2.png    

Student Leadership Team

Mr C.Premnath (YH Middle/ Student Mgt & Leadership)
Mr Alan Ng (AYH Middle Pri/ Student Leadership)
Ms Ng Ley Huey
Mr Tan Shi Wei
Ms Melissa Ngiam
Mr Devaraj

Student Leadership (CCA Leaders)

Mr Khairul Abdillah (HOD PE & CCA)
Mr Mohamed Ridhwan
Mr Chow Zhixian, Ariel
Ms Yap Hui Tee
Ms Gu Si Yuan