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Student Leadership


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Curricular Objectives

The Westwood Primary Positive Learning for Life Programme seeks to develop our pupils to be Future-Ready and Anchor-Steady, demonstrating the attributes of a self-directed learner, confident person, concerned citizen and compassionate leader.

The Westwood Prefect Crest

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Overview of Student Leadership Tiered System of Support

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Student Leadership Training for Year 2020

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Direction of Prefects: Serving with Pride and Passion in 2019

This theme envisions what Prefects require in order to lead and serve the school effectively. By taking Pride in the huge responsibilities given to them, serving the school is an honour. By having Passion in executing their duties, Prefects are motivated to do their best for the school and their peers. Prefects will also reflect and positively look forward to the future by seeking ways to grow and improve themselves.

Developing Compassionate and Confident Leaders: LLP

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Student Leadership Team

Mr C.Premnath (YH Middle/Student Mgt & Leadership)

Mr Alan Ng

Ms Ng Ley Huey

Mr Tan Shi Wei

Mdm Nora

Ms Liu Haixin

Ms Melissa Ngiam