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Total MK Curriculum

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Holistic Development Through Integrated Approach to Learning
The HI-Light Programme supports the holistic development of children through an integrated approach to learning. It ignites the joy of learning in children.

As children learn holistically from their experiences and do not compartmentalize what they learn, the learning experiences in the HI-Light Programme are planned as a whole to help children make sense of the world around them. 

Through the HI-Light Programme, your child will be nurtured holistically in six learning areas: 

- Aesthetics and Creative Expression
- Discovery of the World
- Language and Literacy 
- Motor Skills Development 
- Numeracy 
- Social and Emotional Development 

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StarLight Literacy Programme 

Nurturing Early Childhood Bilingualism 

The Starlight Literacy Programme aims to nurture early childhood bilingualism. Offered in English and three Mother Tongue Languages, the programme provides opportunities for children to enjoy English and their Mother Tongue Languages, communicate with confidence and be aware of local traditions and customs.

Language learning is made fun for children through the use of a rich variety of resources such as Big Books, songs, and games set in the local context. Families are also involved in children’s learning through activities that children can do together with their family members. 

Through this programme, your child will develop listening, speaking and early literacy skills which will help to lay a strong foundation for language learning in later years. 

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Weeks of Wonder 

Deepening Learning Through Weeks of Wonder (WoW) Projects 

To deepen children’s learning, each term culminates in a WoW project. Children work together with their friends and teachers to investigate topics of their interest. Through the WoW projects, children experience the joy of self- motivated learning and finding answers to their questions. 
These experiences seek to: 

- Encourage collaboration as children work together to investigate a topic of their interest; 
- Develop process skills as children gather information from different sources and communicate their findings; and 
- Promote communication skills as children carry out WoW projects in English and their Mother Tongue Languages. 

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Routines & Transitions

Opportunities for children to develop self-help and other social skills, inculcate values and good habits in children are provided through the daily routines and transitions. 

Centre-based Programmes 

1. Moral Monday
Respect, Honesty, Perseverance and Confidence is taught through a holistic approach. Educators use an intentional, proactive, and comprehensive approach to Moral Mondays. We encourage children to develop morally and provide opportunities to foster these values. 

2. WorkOut Wednesday
WorkOut Wednesday is an initiative that makes fitness a fun part of our kindergarten programme. This mass workout session includes dance routines that are taught with the aim of enhancing physical activities. 

3. Fruity Friday 
Healthy habits starts from young. Every Friday, children will bring their favorite fruit to school for their snack time. 

4. Let’s Read
Let’s Read instills the love for reading in children. The centre works closely with National Library Board to provide a range of books in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages for the children.