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FAQs for Soft Launch


Q:  Are there any specific CCAs for P1 cohort in 2013?

A: The school is looking into providing PAL (Programs for Active Learning) activities as well as activities appropriate to the different levels. The school will continue to cater the pupils’ needs in the implementation of such programs.


Q: Is there a Student Care Center in the  School?

A: The school has made provisions for the school based student care center and is likely to embark on it and have the center commence its operations towards the end of term 2 or in semester 2.


Q: How will the school canteen operate?

A: The school canteen is likely to open with 3-4 stalls to cater to pupils’ preferences.



Q:  Are there examinations for Primary 1? What is Holistic Assessment?

A: Holistic assessment in our context refers to the ongoing gathering of information on different facets of a child from various sources, with the aim of providing qualitative and quantitative feedback to support and guide the child's development. Holistic assessment informs teachers on their teaching practice and guides them in the design and delivery of student learning. It will also enable parents to support their children's development and growth.


Broadly, holistic assessment emphasises the following four key aspects:

  1. Focusing on the development of the whole child
  2. Striking a balance between AoL and AfL practices
  3. Guiding teachers in the design and delivery of their practices
  4. Using appropriate methods and modes of assessment


Q: Are there other school activities after school?

A: The formal curriculum during the school hours. The school will progress to extend school hours gradually for enrichment, supplementary lessons. The school will update parents termly on the introduction of after-school activities.


Q: Are there LSP programmes and is stellar included in the Holistic Assessment?

A: The school will have the LSP programmes and stellar programmes to maximise the children’s learning.



Q: How does the staff select the teachers for these new schools?

A:  The school would like to assure the parents that all the staff will be attuned to the needs of the child. The staff will be competent, qualified and experienced. Colleagues from the fraternity will have an opportunity to apply to join Westwood. The school leaders will interview and carefully select teachers from these prospective experienced candidates.


Primary 1 Registration & Pupil Admission

Q: When will the school receive transfer cases from other levels?

A:  The school will begin with the Primary 1 cohort for 2013. Its purpose is to cater to the young population in the constituency. The school will consider opening other levels if there is strong demand in the area.


Q: Will you be taking in overseas students?

A: There will be sufficient places for all students, local and overseas. Overseas students can apply to schools at Phase 3. Schools with vacancies in this phase will be able to receive overseas students.


Q: What about the buddy system in the new school?

A: The school will tap on the teachers to help to handhold the pupils to transit into school.  The school will also provide leadership opportunities for young children in Primary 1 to step up to lead their peers in school.


Q: What is the ratio of Singaporean in the Primary 1 cohort?

A: The ratio will be largely determined by the demand of the different groups for the various phases.


Q: Will MOE be exploring new ways for Singaporeans staying overseas for eg: Johor Bahru, to get into a school in the North or West in the future?

A:  There are new schools being set up in the North zone over the next few years and provide these children as an option for them to study in Singapore.