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Commemorating Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day was commemorated on 5 Feb 2018 with the theme focused on, Together We Keep Singapore Strong. There was an assembly programme to help pupils to understand how the day came about and the importance of total defence. There was a skit put up by our English Literacy Club members teaching our pupils to be more aware of our surroundings and what to do in an emergency situation. Pupils enjoyed the skit put up by the club members. During recess, the school held its first meat-free day to simulate what people eat during troubled times. There booths set up during recess to deepen pupils' understanding of Total Defence Day. The Nanyang Neighbourhood Police Centre and 5 uniformed groups from Westwood Secondary School were there for a photo session with our pupils. Pupils and teachers went through a fire drill exercise to remain vigilant and prepared in times of emergency.

Click here to view photos of events that were held on that day.