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Outdoor Experiential Learning

Yes! An exciting journey that we have embarked on to build our very own Westwood Outdoor Experiential Learning(OEL) area. From August to date, we see the various learning corners taking shape around school. The four areas designated for outdoor experiential learning are:

1)      Aesthetic Garden

2)      Sensory Garden

3)      Desert Area

4)      Ecopond


As opposed to traditional classroom teaching, OEL brings the children’s learning outdoors where learning comes alive for them. In addition, the experiential setting requires the full use of the six senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, and intuition) and involves the domains of learning- cognitive, affective and motoric.  Learning is also based upon interdisciplinary curriculum matter. The whole learning experience will be much more engaging and effective in communicating the learning points we want our children to achieve. 

Check out the timeline status via the links below:

Under Construction Works